Thank You, Comedian


Today I successfully tried another way home from my office at Gatot Subroto. Yeaay!

Why could I? Err, yeaa, yesterday's rail disruption wasn't make my day. Could you imagine that I had to be home after 3 hours on train? Or I had to stay on train in the same station for hours without AC even lamp? Eeeergh. I think I need to go to Bersih Sehat whenever I remember that. :p

Soooo, today, I decided to go home by bus. But the problem was, I didn't even know where and how the way to get the bus. Heu, I really am not a friend of Jakarta. After asked some friends, I finally knew where I should going.

Kopaja 66 and Kopaja 20. Ah, I remembered that clearly right now. Thank you @besinikel & @cphilosophia! ;) *viva #MasAgra!*

After 2.5 hours, I got onto train, and there were the good thing happened after loooong journey today. A comedian acted on the train! Haha. You should know that comedian on the train is sooo rare. And tonight, I met them right when I felt sooo exhausted. 

Thank you Allah. :)

I did another #HijabExperiment today. You can easily follow the tutorial by Siti Djuwariyah, one of my fav fashion blogger, here : Jilbab Paris Tutorial.

By the way, I always wonder why toilet area has a good light for taking some photos, eh? :p

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