The World is in Your Hands

Is it really what you want?
Is it really what you need?
Is it really what you choose?

The world is in your hands
The world is in your hands
The world belongs to those of us
Who still believe we can

And it matters what you do
Though they all look down on you
Cos it's better that you've come from nothing
Than nothing comes from you

The Feeling - Join with Us


Taekwondo Day


It's been a looong time since my last Taekwondo practice. It was about 5 years ago when I was in third year of high school and joined taekwondo tournament that finally brought me got gold medal. But then, I decided to stop my taekwondo routines for preparing my next step of life : being collegian. :)

And last Sunday, I practiced agaiiin!
I did it with Bayu, chief of Taekwondo Smansa 2003/2004 and Pandu, one of the fighter!

Haaa! We kicked each other and that was totally fun!
we were in pain throughout the body in the next day. :p

Attention for those who intend evil to me : I still can kick someone's face! x)

After many years, I finally photographed right when I kick. I looveee the picture above! \m/

Aah I was sooo happy for having that practice & feeling after many years! :')
That was likely Taekwondo Day for me! x)

And then, I changed! Into this :
Is that look like I have double personalities? :p

Anyway, I love cute animal such as cat or rabbit! I love playing with them!
And also catch them up by running to them! :p
And here is the conclusion : I love Sunday, April 14th! :)

skirt : Tanah Abang *imported from India* | long sleeve shirts : Hema |
bag : Mangga Dua *forgot the brand*| flat shoe : Symbolize | crochet brooch : CroniQ
veil : birthday gift from Mom & Dad with Play with Square style ;)
place : Agri Park

photographed by @minyakbumi


Let's Play with Square!

Salaam! :)

Last month I tried to use my square veil with different style.
Well, I always looove doing experiment! ♥

The day is friday, when I did aerobic in the morning for my office's weekly routine.
As usual, I always take a bath after doing aerobic, althought I'm in the office.
So, that day I took a bath in my office. I brought a change of clothes, a work outfit.
But, the problem was, my veil wasn't neat. I didn't feel confidence with that wrinkle veil.
(Well, I used to ironing my veil before I wear it.)

Then, I got an idea!^

I played with my square veil. I did experiment with it. And I thought I done well ;)!

So, in this post, I want to share the way I use my veil. Here I go :D


~ Taadaaa! \(^^)/

I'm so glad for successfully made a new style of using square hijab by this experiment! :)
Feel free to try ya!^
And I will be happier if you share it in comments area ;) ~ I'm waiting! Hehe..

Credit :
Dear Woro (@woroluvpink) who always ask me to share my #HijabExperiment,
thank youu dear for patiently wait my post! :*