Let's Play with Square!

Salaam! :)

Last month I tried to use my square veil with different style.
Well, I always looove doing experiment! ♥

The day is friday, when I did aerobic in the morning for my office's weekly routine.
As usual, I always take a bath after doing aerobic, althought I'm in the office.
So, that day I took a bath in my office. I brought a change of clothes, a work outfit.
But, the problem was, my veil wasn't neat. I didn't feel confidence with that wrinkle veil.
(Well, I used to ironing my veil before I wear it.)

Then, I got an idea!^

I played with my square veil. I did experiment with it. And I thought I done well ;)!

So, in this post, I want to share the way I use my veil. Here I go :D


~ Taadaaa! \(^^)/

I'm so glad for successfully made a new style of using square hijab by this experiment! :)
Feel free to try ya!^
And I will be happier if you share it in comments area ;) ~ I'm waiting! Hehe..

Credit :
Dear Woro (@woroluvpink) who always ask me to share my #HijabExperiment,
thank youu dear for patiently wait my post! :*

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  1. lucu vii..tapi kayanya kalo gw pake model begitu bisa makin mbulet deh muka gw..haha..