If you keep on wanting more holidays, maybe you are not having the right job! If we love our job, every compliment feels like a holiday already! ♥

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My Rockstar Has Died

"People with passion can change the world for the better."

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.
Thank you for everything you have done to universe.
You are not only innovator, creative and genius,
but our inspiration.
And for me, you are my rockstar.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.
You may gone. But your spirit carries on.

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish."


Let Me Introduce The Famous Cat : Popo

In the end of 2010, my comrade who has many cats asked me to have one. 
Their little cat who just born. A white male cat.
After having some discussions, me and my family decided to have it.

Trust me, he's soooo cute! We named it Popo. ♥♥
He easily puts smile on my (and my family) face when in tears 
(even tough I often scream because of him too -_-).

One day, he disappeared. I cried whole days for weeks. So did my parents.
That was just like heartbreaking.
He was too young to disappeared. He must not knew the way home.
Then I spreaded the announcements.

Alhamdulillah, a man came to my home and brought Popo to us.
The story about his missing is.. he was attacked by another cat, and that man tried to save him.
He brought Popo to his home, until he saw the announcement and brought Popo back to my home.

Sadly, Popo disappeared again. But that time, he successfully went home by himself.
Ahh, I was so happy knowing that he already knows the way home! :')

Actually, his two times missing made him famous. :D

He is not only a cat, but part of my family. :)

Photo : Lumix FX8 &* mobile phone
Editing : Picasa

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