To Do (Posts) List

Errr. It's been a month since my last post and two months since I really talked things. Wait.. What? Only two months? I thought it's more because I'd pass soooo many things this recent months. Let me list :

- My engagement :")
- My parent's hajj
- Get compliments from David Foster on his concert
- My old brother's wedding (actually he is FF's brother^^)
- Traveling while working in Hong Kong
- Shopping while working in Batam

See? That's not included quality chity-chaty with friends loo. :)

Okay, let me write down about the detail from that list, one by one.  Yeaa, but after I finish making this HK training's report, of course. Hehe.

See you soon, blog!


I miss you, blog

It's been too long since my last post.
Ah, I miss you so much, blog.
I really really do.




If you keep on wanting more holidays, maybe you are not having the right job! If we love our job, every compliment feels like a holiday already! ♥

- via @dianarikasari on twitter


My Rockstar Has Died

"People with passion can change the world for the better."

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.
Thank you for everything you have done to universe.
You are not only innovator, creative and genius,
but our inspiration.
And for me, you are my rockstar.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.
You may gone. But your spirit carries on.

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish."


Let Me Introduce The Famous Cat : Popo

In the end of 2010, my comrade who has many cats asked me to have one. 
Their little cat who just born. A white male cat.
After having some discussions, me and my family decided to have it.

Trust me, he's soooo cute! We named it Popo. ♥♥
He easily puts smile on my (and my family) face when in tears 
(even tough I often scream because of him too -_-).

One day, he disappeared. I cried whole days for weeks. So did my parents.
That was just like heartbreaking.
He was too young to disappeared. He must not knew the way home.
Then I spreaded the announcements.

Alhamdulillah, a man came to my home and brought Popo to us.
The story about his missing is.. he was attacked by another cat, and that man tried to save him.
He brought Popo to his home, until he saw the announcement and brought Popo back to my home.

Sadly, Popo disappeared again. But that time, he successfully went home by himself.
Ahh, I was so happy knowing that he already knows the way home! :')

Actually, his two times missing made him famous. :D

He is not only a cat, but part of my family. :)

Photo : Lumix FX8 &* mobile phone
Editing : Picasa

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Artwork : Half (Smile) Face

In the middle of work on Friday noon,

What do you expect from the other half ?

Taken from iPhone
Editing using Instagram & Picasa

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Thank You, Comedian


Today I successfully tried another way home from my office at Gatot Subroto. Yeaay!

Why could I? Err, yeaa, yesterday's rail disruption wasn't make my day. Could you imagine that I had to be home after 3 hours on train? Or I had to stay on train in the same station for hours without AC even lamp? Eeeergh. I think I need to go to Bersih Sehat whenever I remember that. :p

Soooo, today, I decided to go home by bus. But the problem was, I didn't even know where and how the way to get the bus. Heu, I really am not a friend of Jakarta. After asked some friends, I finally knew where I should going.

Kopaja 66 and Kopaja 20. Ah, I remembered that clearly right now. Thank you @besinikel & @cphilosophia! ;) *viva #MasAgra!*

After 2.5 hours, I got onto train, and there were the good thing happened after loooong journey today. A comedian acted on the train! Haha. You should know that comedian on the train is sooo rare. And tonight, I met them right when I felt sooo exhausted. 

Thank you Allah. :)

I did another #HijabExperiment today. You can easily follow the tutorial by Siti Djuwariyah, one of my fav fashion blogger, here : Jilbab Paris Tutorial.

By the way, I always wonder why toilet area has a good light for taking some photos, eh? :p


Hijab Tutorial : Play with Square #02


It's been few months since I'm addicted doing #HijabExperiment ;)
While I'm doing it, some friends asked me to make hijab tutorial. I finally made it. But then, I think I'm failed, because some of my friends don't know how to do with their veil when they look at my post. Unclear instruction. Hihi, sorry^^v

Some of my friend asked me to make video tutorial, too. Err, I think I need time to make it, even to think that I will make it. Hmm, what do you think? ;)

Yeaa, okaay, I finally made it. Again. Another #PlayWithSquare tutorial. On my youtube channel. :p

Whatever, I wish this will be useful for you. Enjoy! ;D


Expect Yourself

Suatu hari, gw pernah mengalami saat yang buruk. Semua serba menyebalkan. Terutama orang-orang di sekitar. Menyebalkaaan. Sampai keselnya itu bikin sesek napas. Itu kesel sampe berkali-kali mampir ke ubun-ubun. Serius. Kerjaannya bolak-balik ke kamar mandi karena kesel sampe nangis tu terjadi. Eeeergh.

Lalu gw curhat habis-habisan dengan seorang teman. Panjang lebar. Sampe teriak-teriak juga (dalam hati sih :p). Saat itu, temen gw itu cuma diam, dan nyimak dengan sangat baik. Setelah gw lega bisa ngungkapin semuanya, dia membalas dengan beberapa kata yang cukup bikin gw tersentak. Mikir.
"You may not change others.
But you surely can change yourself, your mind."

Dalam beberapa kasus yang akhir-akhir ini gw alami, kalimat itu bisa diartikan menjadi dua.

Pertama, mereka memang menyebalkan. Tapi bagaimanapun juga, gw nggak bisa merubah mereka. Mereka ya tetap mereka yang menyebalkan. Sementara hidup harus berjalan, dengan atau tanpa orang-orang yang menyebalkan itu. So? We should change ourselves, our mind. Jangan sampe menyebalkannya mereka ngusik hidup kita. :)

Kedua, ketika sebel buanget sama orang-orang di sekitar, bisa jadi sebenarnya yang menyebalkan itu gw sendiri. Gw yang memandang mereka dengan cara yang berbeda, gw yang expect too much, sehingga mereka menjadi orang yang menyebalkan ketika tidak bisa sesuai dengan ekspektasi gw. Salah siapa dong? Jelas salah gw. ;)

Pada akhirnya gw belajar, bahwa di setiap masalah yang dialami, adalah kita yang harus menjawab semua pertanyaan, memberikan harapan, ke diri kita sendiri, bukan orang lain. 

Yes. It's me who should be expected from myself. :)


What A Dramatic Turn Of Events

When you are on the backs of angels.
Someone build you up then break you down.
You are lost but not forgotten.
Then the bridges in the sky just made.
You are outcry.
You are far from heaven.
But there are only illusions.
So you are breaking all illusions.
Which will burried deep beneth the surface.
Well, this is the life. Our life.


(Another) New Name Card


I have four boxes of name card since 1.5 years ago being staff in my office. How come? For those who follow my twitter or being my friend on facebook surely know that I have moved from western to northern of Jakarta. Two boxes for western address, and two others for northern. I still was in the same unit anyway.

'Till last week, I've got news that surely will add my name card collection. Haha. Yess. I will move again, to the new office of the new position. I won't tell you more now but next time (I wish).

I've been working for this since last Monday (not yesterday). I've learned many things! I met many new things, and I met new partners who'll be my friends, too. So far, I can say that my new job is quite interesting & challenging! It's an honor to be placed in this position. Alhamdulillah. :)

By the way, one of the best part of this new job is my new office will be placed in Gambir, which is closed to train station, so I can use commuter line for daily transportation, everyday. Cost reduction and easy access!  Yeaay!! ;D

Taken from Koprol


Happy Birthday Medri :)

Ilkomerz // Himalkom // Fokerz // The Order of Jarwo Projekt // XMind // more

We may separated by ocean. We may too far away.
But me & @minyakbumi always pray for your best.
You are more than multitalented & inspiring one for us, but our best friend.

Barakallah fii umriik, dear Medria :)
May Allah always be with you!^
May you have a wonderful new life with Saad ;)!

We love you! ♥

- Ovie & ibonK -

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Happy Eid Mubarak 1432 H

Designed by : Ovie Asykari

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When The Dreamer Met Their New Drummer

Hmm. Saya memang sukaa sekali sama Dream Theater dari jaman SMA, sekitar 7 tahunan yang lalu. Yah, walau nggak bener2 hapal sama semua lagunya, tapi sungguh, saya jatuh cinta sm musiknya, terutama drummernya! x) juga jatuh cinta dengan salah satu penggemarnya.

MP always looks powerful! Hingga tahun lalu, tepatnya 8 September 2011, he left the band. Sedih sesedihsedihnya dehh! :'(

Dream Theater won't be the same again without Mike Portnoy.

Bener-bener nggak kebayang MP without DT. Untill someday DT announced that they're in process of finding the new drummer, then I became super excited that time!

And here's the process :

What a process, eh? I wonder what MP feels about it~

But now, finally,
Dream Theater done their new album with their new drummer, Mike Mangini! \m/

see the official video here

Beuh! Suka banget! This single successfully brings me to the old DT with the new feel ;)! Yah meskipun saya tetap berharap MP kembali, tapi, single ini sama sekali tidak mengecewakan, terutama utk sebuah band progresif yang baru ditinggal leadernya dan menjalani proses dramatis :). Ini belum sampai setahun peninggalan MP, but DT finally rocks themselves! Wooww!!

Well, THEY ROOOCK!! \m/


Hello Blog! Hello World!

Setelah kehabisan kata bingung mau nulis bagaimana (karena sebenarnya tau apa yang mau ditulis tapi bagaimana nya itu yg tanda tanya), kehabisan waktu luang *alesan banget*, hingga labil begitu dalam, akhirnya, dengan ini saya menyatakan, selamat berjumpa kembali wahai blog yang (akan) saya cintai dengan sepenuh hati :)!

Apa kabar menulis? Apa kabar blog?

Sebenarnya, menulis adalah salah satu proyek hidup saya. Jelasnya menulis yang saya maksud itu seperti apa masih menjadi rahasia besar saya -padahal belum kebayang, haha-. Tapi yang jelas, sekecil apapun kesempatan saya untuk menulis, akan saya gunakan sebaik mungkin -uhuk- #batuktandatakjujur :p. Maka, saya harus mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Evan Williams -cmiiw- yang telah memberikan kesempatan saya untuk membuat blog, mendesain tampilannya -uhuk-, dan mengisinya dengan tulisan-tulisan saya, alhamdulillah :)

Kenapa blog baru?

Karena saya ingin suasana baru. Lagipula, rasanya blog yang lama terlalu banyak curhatan tak berguna yaa. Jadiii, alangkah lebih baik jika saya buka lembaran baru ;)!

Dan, sebelum saya akhiri, saya mohon maaf sebesar-besarnya kepada para pembaca yang kebingungan atas apa yang saya tulis di sini, terutama pada sesi curcol berbahasa Inggris, karena saya sedang belajar. Juga maafkan untuk postingan yang tidak berkenan di hati :). Dengan senang hati saya menerika koreksi dan feedback positif yaa, insya Allah :).

Hm, harusnya ini postingan pertama yaa. Tapi gapapa, setidaknya masih pejwan! x)


The World is in Your Hands

Is it really what you want?
Is it really what you need?
Is it really what you choose?

The world is in your hands
The world is in your hands
The world belongs to those of us
Who still believe we can

And it matters what you do
Though they all look down on you
Cos it's better that you've come from nothing
Than nothing comes from you

The Feeling - Join with Us


Taekwondo Day


It's been a looong time since my last Taekwondo practice. It was about 5 years ago when I was in third year of high school and joined taekwondo tournament that finally brought me got gold medal. But then, I decided to stop my taekwondo routines for preparing my next step of life : being collegian. :)

And last Sunday, I practiced agaiiin!
I did it with Bayu, chief of Taekwondo Smansa 2003/2004 and Pandu, one of the fighter!

Haaa! We kicked each other and that was totally fun!
we were in pain throughout the body in the next day. :p

Attention for those who intend evil to me : I still can kick someone's face! x)

After many years, I finally photographed right when I kick. I looveee the picture above! \m/

Aah I was sooo happy for having that practice & feeling after many years! :')
That was likely Taekwondo Day for me! x)

And then, I changed! Into this :
Is that look like I have double personalities? :p

Anyway, I love cute animal such as cat or rabbit! I love playing with them!
And also catch them up by running to them! :p
And here is the conclusion : I love Sunday, April 14th! :)

skirt : Tanah Abang *imported from India* | long sleeve shirts : Hema |
bag : Mangga Dua *forgot the brand*| flat shoe : Symbolize | crochet brooch : CroniQ
veil : birthday gift from Mom & Dad with Play with Square style ;)
place : Agri Park

photographed by @minyakbumi


Let's Play with Square!

Salaam! :)

Last month I tried to use my square veil with different style.
Well, I always looove doing experiment! ♥

The day is friday, when I did aerobic in the morning for my office's weekly routine.
As usual, I always take a bath after doing aerobic, althought I'm in the office.
So, that day I took a bath in my office. I brought a change of clothes, a work outfit.
But, the problem was, my veil wasn't neat. I didn't feel confidence with that wrinkle veil.
(Well, I used to ironing my veil before I wear it.)

Then, I got an idea!^

I played with my square veil. I did experiment with it. And I thought I done well ;)!

So, in this post, I want to share the way I use my veil. Here I go :D


~ Taadaaa! \(^^)/

I'm so glad for successfully made a new style of using square hijab by this experiment! :)
Feel free to try ya!^
And I will be happier if you share it in comments area ;) ~ I'm waiting! Hehe..

Credit :
Dear Woro (@woroluvpink) who always ask me to share my #HijabExperiment,
thank youu dear for patiently wait my post! :*


Let's Go!

Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is.
- H. Jackson Browne (via @GreatestQuotes)

Don't be afraid to go out of comfort zone. That's where the dreams are. :)
- me(mind).


Make Your Way, Dreamcatcher!

Last week, I had many serious thoughts about dreams. Well, I have many dreams, but I'm not very sure about it. Why? Because I'm not on the way (to the dreams) I planned before. I lost.

Sometimes somehow I (almost) hate my job, indeed. I didn't even have any passion of doing my routines. Otherwise, many people talked about dreams, passion, and how passionate they are doing their job. I envy!

Then, in Thursday morning, Februari 10th, someone twitted something like this : people who not feeling spirited in the morning is people who not doing their passion. I only have one thought that time : So what?!

In the night of that day, I twitted these :
Mimpi yg nggak biasa nggak bisa dicapai dgn cara yg biasa2 juga. ll Mimpi yg besar hny bs dcapai dgn usaha dan kerja keras yg besar juga.

Hey Para Pemimpi, selamat berjuang! Selamat melakukan hal yg luar biasa dgn usaha dan kerja keras yg besar! x)

#NoteToMyself Berakit-rakit dahulu berenang-renang ke tepian. Bersakit-sakit dahulu bersenang-senang kemudian. :D

Dan hari ini kepikiran sesuatu yg semoga memudahkan jalan ke depannya. *Aamiin. :)

Ini sbnrnya lbh ke #NoteToMyself sih. Ttg passion. Ttg betapa sy merindukan itu. :)

#NoteToMyself Byk bca & dgr ttg betapa nikmatny bkrja dgn passion. Tp trs klo nggk kyk gitu, gmn? Jd males krja kah? Ngeluh trs? *gwbgt :p*

#NoteToMyself Toh bkrja dgn passion nggk 100% mnjaminkan hasil yg lbh baik atw bhkn lbh bahagia dr yg lain.

#NoteToMyself Passion pstny berkaitan erat sm mimpi, tujuan, visi. Lalu ap yg akn trjd jk kt tdk melakukan hal yg ssi dgn pasion kt?

#NoteToMyself Apkh lnts brputus asa atas mimpi yg dbgn llu mnyerah pd keadaan kmdn melkukan smwny tdk dgn hati, hny skdr rutinitas blka? No!

#NoteToMyself Mimpi itu sswt yg besar, yg jauh, yg bs dicapai dgn brbgai cara, tdk skdar dgn 1cara yg tmpknya hny bs dilkukn dgn 'passion'..

#NoteToMyself Tersirat pd #PerahuKertas nya @deelestari bhw dlm meraih mimpi mgkn kt perlu berputar2 dl, tp swt saat kt bs smp k mmpi :)

#NoteToMyself Jd, jk saat ini mgkn kt mrasa 'mnjauh' dr mmp, tdk mlkkan smw dgn 'passion', so make it by urself! Timbulkan kmbl passionmu!

#NoteToMyself Just focus on ur dream, and try to take everything positively! Although it seems too far from dreams, but we're on our way! :

#NoteToMyself Bangkitkn smgtmu dgn fokus pd mmpi ktk bekerja, dgn yakin bhw ini jln sy mnuju ke sana, si mimpi. :)

#NoteToMyself Toh bs aja kok melakukan hal2 yg kecil yg based on the real passion ;)..,

#NoteToMyself Apalagi klo smp jd kufur nikmat krn bkrja tdk ssi passion. Astagfirullah. *Jjur sy pnh nyaris smp situ :'(..*

#NoteToMyself Allah knows. We dont. Ikhtiar, doa, tawakal dan ikhlas. Bismillah :)..

#NoteToMyself Intinya, focus on ur dream, raise ur spirit on job by filling it with passion, believe that ur on ur way there, the dreams! x)
I felt so relieved. Some of my friends mentioned me after that, and this is my favourite :

RT @pchairina @visyk selain 'do what you love', ada 'love what you do'. Sayangnya lbh beken yg pertama. Yg kedua terlupakan.

RT @pchairina @visykdlm kasus aq, kalimat 1 baru dpt diraih stlh jatuh-bangun di kalimat 2. Mulanya tdk ska, lma2 jd suka. Awalnya : terpaksa. :)

RT @pchairina @visyk intinya satu : implementasi dr 'rasa syukur'. :)

In the next day, I noted @adrisfi's twit, and posted another twit :

#NoteToMyself RT @adrisfi Happy Friday! Chase ur dreams and don't let anyone make you down! Everyone can do anything if she/he believes so!

Oya. Lupa nambahin satu lg inti utk #NoteToMyself semalem : just open your mind :D

See? Come on! Make your own way, dreamcatcher! :)


I Love Today's #ZodiacFacts

:) RT @ZodiacFacts: #ZodiacFacts #Sagittarius are great learners and learn more from their mistakes than people of any other sign.

:D RT @ZodiacFacts: #ZodiacFacts #Sagittarius are highly creative and they like to express their artistic talents in their daily life.

^^ RT @ZodiacFacts: #Sagittarius are quick to jump on inadequacies of others while expecting full recognition of their own efforts.

:)) RT @ZodiacFacts: #ZodiacFacts #Sagittarius want to rush every new project through immediately and can be too demanding.
I am Sagittarius, anyway. I am @visyk on twitter, and am following @ZodiacFacts ;)


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So much sorry for the inconvenience.
This web is still under construction.

But I'm sure we will meet soon!
Wait for the launch ya!